Commercial Navigation Sonar

WESMAR sonar allows for critical obstacle and bottom composition detection - up to 360° around the vessel.

Navigation Sonar for Cruise Ships

EV860 Navigation Sonar

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Critical obstacle detection up to 360° around the vessel

Navigation Sonar for Cruise Ships

Ice, rocks, reefs, and other obstacles pose a serious hazard to any vessel.

Underwater obstacles at depth cannot be detected visually or with radar, only a sonar can do that. Detecting underwater objects far out in front of the vessel allows for timely corrective action to avoid catastrophic collisions.

The EV860 Navigation Sonar can be set by the user to scan any sector from 11 to 360° around the vessel. The sector can be oriented in any direction with the simple turn of a knob on the control panel. The EV860 is equipped with a very robust hydraulic hoist that can deploy or retract the soundome in only five seconds.

WESMAR sonars have a highly focused soundbeam that allows for detection of objects that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to detect.

A portion of the 110 kHz transducer is used to create a wide sound beam that scans hundreds of meters in front of the vessel to identify the composition of the bottom. This allows the captain to steer the vessel towards desirable areas for anchoring and to avoid bottom features, such as reefs, which could damage the vessel or themselves be damaged by the ship or its anchor and chain.

10" Diameter Dome
Model Frequency Beam Stabilization Hoist Type
EV860-110-10 110KHz Single Active 110 VAC Hydraulic
EV860-110-10 110KHz Dual Active 110 VAC Hydraulic
EV860-110-10 110KHz Single Active 220 VAC Hydraulic
EV860-110-10 110KHz Dual Active 220 VAC Hydraulic
"The WESMAR worked flawlessly when navigating the channels into the harbor, and the picture on the sonar screen looked good."— Jorg Walczak,
Captain of the 407-foot cruise ship M/V Ocean Diamond

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