Fishing Sonar

WESMAR fishing sonar solves the tough challenge of seeing fish close to the surface and close to the bottom.

Catch Sensors

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CS30 Catch Sensors and Smart Docking Charge Stations

WESMAR CS30 Catch Sensors & Dual Charger

Ruggedly Built and Dependable

WESMAR CS30 catch sensors indicate the fill rate of the trawl, alerting you when the codend is full. These lightweight, high-frequency sensors are programmable right on-board. They are also compatible with any 70 kHz head rope unit from manufacturers such as Simrad, Furuno, Marport, and Scanmar.

Improved Catch Efficiency and Quality

  • Five transmits upon triggering.
  • The sensor carrier stays on the net to eliminate refitting for every use.

Instant Notification

WESMAR's catch sensors transmit an initial signal five times, five seconds apart, alerting the wheelhouse instantly. After these initial transmissions, the sensor will transmit every 60 seconds to conserve battery life.

Talking Catch Sensors

When a catch sensor is triggered an audio alarm in the wheelhouse alerts the captain. The number of audio beeps corresponds to the catch sensor number.

Repeated Mounting Eliminated

WESMAR's catch sensors slip easily in and out of the carrier for charging, eliminating repeated setups.

Catch Sensors Are Active Only While in Use

A salt water switch activates the sensors. Therefore, batteries are conserved and time between change-out is extended.

Battery Life

WESMAR CS30's have a battery life of 700 hours. The full charge time on the CS30 Smart Docking station is just 5 hours.

CS30 sensors are completely sealed and leak-proof. They are held in a strengthened stainless-steel carrier which stays affied to the net when sensors are removed for charging.

  • Up to 6 sensors can be operated with WESMAR trawl sonars.
  • Up to 4 sensors can be operated with other brands of trawl sonar.

Identity numbers for each sensor can be easily read by activating an LED readout on its front.

Wesmar Frequencies
Setting Number Untriggered Frequency Triggered Frequency
1 70.7 kHz 71.0 kHz
2 71.6 kHz 72.0 kHz
3 72.6 kHz 73.0 kHz
4 74.6 kHz 75.0 kHz
5 75.6 kHz 76.0 kHz
6 76.6 kHz 77.0 kHz
Alternate Frequencies
Setting Number Untriggered Frequency Triggered Frequency
1 69.8 kHz 70.2 kHz
2 72.3 kHz 72.7 kHz
3 74.8 kHz 75.2 kHz
4 77.3 kHz 77.7 kHz
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