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22 April 2013 :  Large BC Fishing Boat Installs Large WESMAR Sonar
25 March 2013 :  BC Ferries Order WESMAR Thruster for Gulf Island Run
18 March 2013 :  WESMAR Announces Bow Thruster Order for Australian Ferry
1 January 2013: Top Albacore Boat in South Pacific Credits WESMAR Sonar
18 October 2012:  WESMAR to Feature Sonar, Stabilizers and Thrusters and Pacific Marine Expo
8 May 2012: WESMAR Completes Navigation and Security Sonar Installation on Arctic Expedition Cruise Ship
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Customer Reports - Read what our customers have to say
105-ft Tugboat TS Soberano : Rough Water Tug relies on WESMAR Commercial thrusters
65-ft custom motoryacht: 'That powerful WESMAR Thruster threw the bow around like nobody's business'
Cruise Ship Customer Report: WESMAR On Board Cruise Ships Worldwide
DSP4801 on 55 Symbol: 200 to 300% improvement in following seas and turns
48-foot Hatteras : ' You won't go wrong with WESMAR stabilizers!
87-foot workboat : WESMAR thrusters keep San Francisco Bay Safe
48-foot Selene : A smoth ride in all kinds of seas
95 foot troller: Top Albacore Boat Relies on WESMAR sonar
HD860-110kHz Sonar: 'Incredible Machine" for Alaska limit seiners
407 foot cruise ship: Sonar working flawlessly
157 foot OSV Sea Strength : 340HP WESMAR Thruster makes her stronger
65 foot Bayless : WESMAR, thruster of choice for respected sport fishing yacht builder
124 foot Catcher Processor : WESMAR trawl: Lightweight, reliable and bulletproof
T Class Ferry: WESMAR thruster on Georgia Belle
45-foot tugboat: 'The stabilizers likely saved our lives.'
72-foot Offshore: 80% More Comfort with WESMAR Digital Stabilizers
58 Foot Limit Seiner : Sonar & Bow Thrusters on board. "I could not be happier with my WESMAR.
Fire Boat : "When the fireboat projects came along, we knew WESMAR would be ht best."
Trawler Bay Islander: WESMAR Trawl sonar saves time, money and fuel for West Coast trawler.
75 foot Sunseeker: WESMAR eliminated 70% of the roll At Anchor; 90% underway...and my wife is happy"
58 foot Limit Seiner: WESMAR bow thrusters for working close to shore and to stay off the rocks
70 foot Viking:  'Give me back my WESMAR thrusters'
55 ft Chris Craft : "WESMAR stabilizers immediately reduced the roll...beyond anything I had imagined
48 foot Selene : WESMAR Stabilizers and APU...essential for comfort and peace of mind

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