WESMAR’s history is an amazing story of technology, innovation, and successful equipment design. The company takes great pride in the fact that they are the world leader in sonar design and innovative fishing electronics, the inventor of the dual prop counter-rotating bow thruster and the electronic gyro powered roll fin stabilizers. WESMAR has also earned a reputation as a recognized supplier of off-the-shelf marine sonar equipment for waterside security.

The company’s core management team has combined their knowledge of the marine and defense industries, their technical expertise in acoustics, hydraulics, and marine power, with their corporate philosophy to produce products that are powerful, advanced, and rugged and that have, since 1965, paced the industry in innovative design.

WESMAR’s product line is a revolution in progress, spanning 5 decades, not only keeping pace with rapidly advancing technology, but helping to push that advance. WESMAR’s product line includes:

    •    Scanning Sonar for Commercial Fishing
    •    Trawl Catch Sonars for Net and Gear Monitoring
    •    Central Hydraulic systems to run a wide range of on board equipment
    •    Sonars for Waterside Security and Underwater Search and Recovery
    •    Hydraulic and Electric Counter-Rotating Dual Prop Bow Thrusters
    •    Digital triple axis Gyro controlled Roll Fin Stabilizers

Company Background

Founded in 1965, WESMAR is widely recognized as the leading US company in advanced marine sonar systems for commercial fishing and defense applications, and a leader in the design of vessel bow thrusters and roll stabilizers. WESMAR sonars are operating in all the major fisheries of the world, and as commercial off-the-shelf systems for military and security applications. The Mechanical Division produces innovative Bow Thrusters and Roll Fin Stabilizers for yachts and workboats.

Organizational Structure

WESMAR designs and manufactures its products at an 82,000-foot facility near Seattle. At this location, the company maintains a sophisticated engineering design lab, prototype and test facilities, and a complete, modern and highly automated manufacturing department including a mold and machining facility with computerized machinery and test equipment. From this facility, WESMAR products are exported throughout the world for work in the fishing, sports, military and pleasure boat markets.

Sales and Marketing

WESMAR sales and marketing departments are divided along product lines with mechanical and commercial sonar departments and defense products divisions all sharing common engineering and manufacturing, accounting, personnel, purchasing and receiving departments. The differences are in the areas of distribution and markets. The mechanical and commercial sonar products are sold through dealer networks throughout the world that are serving markets appropriate to the product applications. The military products are sold directly from the factory.

Research and Development

WESMAR has long had a reputation in the industry as an innovative, creative and advanced product design company. Through its history, the company has committed an aggressive amount of its resources to research and development.

Trader of the Year

In recognition of its international business presence, WESMAR was awarded the prestigious ‘Trader of the Year award’ for Washington State in May 2003. The award is presented annually to a Washington State company that contributes to the state economy and demonstrates outstanding achievements in international trade. It has been presented every year since 1982 and includes such past recipients as The Boeing Company, Microsoft, John Fluke Manufacturing, Expediters International and Physio Control. WESMAR was selected this year over other respected Washington State Companies in the running such as BSquare, Brunswick (owner of Bayliner, SeaRay, and Hatteras) and others.
WESMAR was also one the first Seattle recipients of the U.S. Commerce Department’s E Award for Export Excellence in 1968 and recognized again in 2002 for their export excellence. More…The company has consistently exported over 50% of its products since it was founded in 1965 by President Bruce H. Blakey. He had an idea for a solid-state sonar system that could be manufactured at a price affordable to the commercial fishermen. That idea forever changed how fishing fleets of the world locate their fish. Today, WESMAR continues to be a leader around the world in design and manufacture of commercial fishing sonar. The company has made its corporate home in the Seattle area since that time, with all design, manufacturing and sales headquartered here.