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WESMAR Stern Thrusters Standard on Rotomite Dredges

WESMAR stern thrusters for positioning and pushing are an important feature of the Crisafulli hydraulic dredges...

SRS Crisafulli manufactures diesel powered dredges that operate around the world to remove water, sludge and slurries from lagoons, ponds, lakes, quarries, canals and otherflooded or flood threatened areas.

Over the past 25 years they have supplied municipalities, state and federal governments and countless contractors with diesel powered dredge systems.

WESMAR thrusters are used on Crisafulli’s Rotomite dredges for both propulsion and steering and they are doing a good job says Jordan Webb, Design Engineer for SRS Crisafulli.

“WESMAR thrusters are ideal for properly positioning the dredges and for providing the power to force or push into the material, much the same way a tugboat would be used. We originally purchased the WESMAR thruster for a new dredge we were designing and we were so happy with it we’ve made it standard on all our dredges.”

WESMAR has supplied the company with four thrusters to date, and is now on the list to supply all the dredges including their newest design the Model SD110 Rotomite, which is a smaller, shallow draft aluminum model for operation in very shallow water.

“We purchased the WESMAR thruster for a new dredge we were designing and we were so happy with it we’ve made it standard on all our dredges.” — Jordan Webb, Design Engineer for SRS Crisafulli

WESMAR’s dual prop counter rotating design is ideal for shallow draft applications because of its ability to provide up to 40% more thrust in a smaller tube.

The Rotomite 6000 series and the Rotomite SD110 are the models using WESMAR stern thrusters for positioning and pushing. An important feature of SRS Crisafulli’s hydraulic dredges is their ability to pump dredged sludges and slurries over substantial distances to remote disposal sites.

Three WESMAR V2-16 (50-60 HP) stern thrusters are already on the company’s larger model Rotomite 6000 and 6000 CD dredges, which are the more powerful self-propelled, diesel powered hydraulic systems for water up to 23 feet deep. For the smaller dredge (Model SD110) WESMAR supplied a Model V2- 12 counter rotating dual prop thruster with stainless steel drive leg assembly complete, and stainless steel saddle, a set of 12-inch left and right hand props, and a 40 HP hydraulic motor.

SRS Crisafulli is located in Glendive, Montana, halfway between Billings and Bismarck North Dakota, often referred to as the Bakken region. Their equipment is shipped all over the world. The SRS Crisafulli systems are designed to allow for lifting the thruster high for shallow operation or truck transport or so it can be lowered for optimal operation. The cylinder will also lift the entire propulsion unit so the propeller can be cleaned. There is a gravity fed hydraulic bottle out of the picture that feeds the oil to the unit no matter what position it is in. These units weigh 18,500 pounds and 26,000 pounds respectively and the thrust is enough to be almost scary if engaged when not dredging. The unit they are using the v2-12 on, weighs approximately 8,000 pounds and theysay it really flies when not dredging.

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