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WESMAR Thruster Moves Four Lobster Boats at Once

Atelier F.R. Robichaud, WESMAR's New Brunswick, Canada put Wesmar thrusters to the test...

  “We put the WESMAR bow thruster to the test," said Francis Robichaud, owner of Atelier F.R. Robichaud, WESMAR's New Brunswick, Canada, dealer.

His company has installed WESMAR's V2-10 inch hydraulic dual prop all stainless steel bow thruster on 8 lobster boats in New Brunswick in just the past year. One was on the CM MAHEE LOU.

"During the sea trial on that boat we tested the bow thruster's power by tying three lobster boats to the MAHEE LOU and then we moved all four boats 10 feet in 15-20 seconds!

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