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EXPO 2023 is coming! See us at Booth #931

See the advantages of our sonar systems have on navigation, commercial fishing and even security.

Have it both ways.

The WESMAR HD860 lets you run in two different modes; a narrow beam searches long range in searchlight fashion, -or- you can use a wide beam to bottom type the sea floor ahead. It’s a dramatic and very effective tool for fishing, being deployed with high success by captains in Dutch Harbor, the Washington, Oregon and California coasts, and as far south as Mexico. 

“The HD860 is just one of the money-making pieces of gear for vessel owners that we’ll be demonstrating,” said Bryan Thiemann of WESMAR. Other significant products fishermen will be able to see and learn about are the company’s trawl sonars and powerful stainless steel counter rotating dual prop bow thrusters. 

A local Seattle company, WESMAR brings more than five decades of marine design and manufacturing experience to Marine Expo. It has provided widely respected commercial grade equipment to both private and government operations around the world. Its network of customer support includes over 350 trained service personnel, dealers, and distributors. To them, plus thousands of vessel owners and operators around the world, the WESMAR brand means reliable and rugged gear that helps keep their business running smoothly.

WESMAR’s new HD860 Dual Beam Scanning Sonar provides unbeatable bottom discrimination, and can easily detect weak targets other sonar’s cannot.

The HD860 is shown here scanning ahead 500 meters, detecting hard bottom that could damage the net.


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