Trawl Sonar

WESMAR's New TCS785 Trawl Sonar Series is three sonars in one: forward scan, net profile and sounder, and is available in two frequencies: TCS785-300 kHz (orange sled) and the TCS785-180 kHz (green sled).

Three sonars in one: forward scan, net profile, and sounder. Two sled options, two frequencies.

  • The TCS785-300 kHz ORANGE sled is a higher frequency with high resolution designed for smaller nets. At 300 kHz the footrope/bottom relation can be viewed in greater detail.
  • The TCS785-180 kHz GREEN sled is a long-range system designed for larger nets with a large vertical and horizontal opening.

A sled to fit trawl nets of all sizes Identify dispersed and difficult to distinguishfish...even differentiate between species.

Three multiple function trawl sleds...pick the color that fits your net and your fishing.

The reliable and sturdy WESMAR CS20 Catch Sensors measure the fill rate of the trawl, alerting you when the codend is full. These lightweight, high-frequency sensors are factory programmed to operate with any WESMAR trawl sonar or with other trawl sonar.

WESMAR, as the leading US sonar manufacturer, is well versed in the need to monitor what is in the net. These lights are to assist fishing captains who are trying to determine if fish are escaping their trawl net and/or to determine if the fish in the net are too small or of the wrong specie.

They are small yet powerful; lightweight yet very rugged. The Trawl lights slip into a stainless steel carrier, the same design WESMAR uses for their catch sensors.