WESMAR HD860 Series Sonar

WESMAR’s HD860 solves the tough challenge of seeing fish both close to the surface and close to the bottom.

With this new stabilization technology you stay on the fish and improve your catch even in rough seas.
The HD860 brings new technology based on 4 years of intensive development by the leading US manufacturer of commercial and recreational fishing sonar.

Active Stabilization
WESMAR’s new HD860 Series Sonar incorporates electronic beam stabilization technology developed and refined over 4 years.

Digital Link
Long interconnect cable runs are always subject to noise and low sonar performance. WESMAR’s new digital link between the sonar electronics (near the transducer) and the computer console in the wheelhouse operate noise free for maximum sonar performance.

Searchlight Advantage
No Sonar has better directivity than WESMAR engineered transducers. One hundred percent of the transducer surface area points in the direction of the fish in a sharp narrow beam. Dispersed fish and hard to mark fish are detected clutter-free. An Omni sonar, with a diffused beam, allows dispersed fish and fish near the bottom to go undetected.


HD860 Dual Stabilized Beam
HD860-160 Single Stabilized Beam

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