Hull Mounted Sonar

The HD860 solves the tough challenge of seeing fish close to the surface AND close to the bottom. New active stabilization ensures you will stay on the fish even in rough seas thanks to a precision electronic gyro mounted on the sonar transducer that constantly corrects the beam for pitch and roll wherever the beam is scanning.  Not only does it unwrap the water ahead of the boat, the HD860 sonar is filled with features the commercial fishing world has requested!

The SS590 is a mid-level six inch, 160 kHz searchlight sonar for commercial fishing. It is especially valuable for purse seining but also highly effective for all sonar applications including sport fishing. Fishermen like the quick, hands-on control panel that keeps them on the fish, not the menu. No sonar transducer offers better direction control than WESMAR’s. One-hundred percent of its surface area focuses a sharp narrow beam, making dispersed fish and hard-to-mark fish detection clutter-free.

WESMAR’s SS395 sonar is the lowest price sonar on the market today. It is widely used in specialized fisheries, and for game fishing and navigation in ports around the world.