WESMAR Product Groups

Hull Mounted Sonar

Whether it's the detection of a hard-to-see individual tuna, schooling sardines, bottom typing or avoiding rocks-WESMAR has a sonar you need.


Trawl Mounted Sonar

Commerical Fishermen rely on WESMAR's Trawl Sonar to give them the detailed information needed to make fishing efficient and effective.

Bow and Stern Thrusters

WESMAR manufactures 28 models, hydraulic and electric dual prop counter rotating and single prop systems for pleasure boat and commercial applications,ranging from 5 to 500 horsepower.

Roll Fin Stabilizers

WESMAR manufactures 8 Models that resist up to 90% of wave roll

APU Systems

"Get Home" Auxiliary Propulsion Units

Hydraulic Systems

A typical hydraulic system could operate the following components: WESMAR's bow and stern thrusters, WESMAR stabilizer systems, winches, cranes, davits, hydraulic doors, hatches, passerrelles, ladders or steering gear.



WESMAR Web and Sonar for vessel protection


Hoist Systems

WESMAR offers many different sizes and power of hoists to fit everyone's needs.