New Trawl Systems and ‘Smart’ Sleds Popular at Pacific Marine Expo

The WESMAR booth at Pacific Marine Expo (PME) November 20-22 was full of fishermen interested in WESMAR’s Dennis Soderberg talking about the NEW TCS785 and TCS385 series trawls.

WESMAR calls the sleds ‘smart’ sleds because they are programmed to retain their settings. The TCS785 is three sonars in one. With forward scan, net profile, and sounder they are a necessary part of any trawl operation. Forward scan is for marking doors and tracking fish, and fish entry; and vertical sounder is to follow bottom and footrope. WESMAR has astutely color coded all the sleds ensuring their frequencies are recognized. The TCS385 is the new lightweight system with sleds designed to profile the net opening. Three sled options are available.


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