Alaska Pollock Season Opens

North to Alaska...WESMAR on Board

WESMAR searchlight sonar and trawl systems are on board the many vessels heading north for  the Alaska pollock and hake seasons. 
The fleet of  catcher processors,  fishing vessels, and long liners, all work to bring quality caught and processed seafood to an ever growing market in the US and around the world.
WESMAR has been part of these fisheries since electronics pioneer Bruce Blakey introduced the first commercial fishing sonar nearly five decades ago. So, not surprisingly  WESMAR is on the equipment list for these vessels year after year. New installations and upgrades this year include WESMAR’s newest electronically gyro stabilized HD860 scanning sonar and five new trawl sleds.
Among the vessels that left in  mid-January is the 103-foot F/V Muir Milach, one of the Aleutian Spray Fisheries Fleet out of Seattle. The Muir Milach upgraded its sonar equipment to the new HD860.
Like WESMAR, Aleutian Spray Fisheries has been around since the 1960’s and has used WESMAR fish finding systems for years. (Two of their other vessels with WESMAR, the 240-foot C/P Starbound and the 123-foot combination F/V Nordic Star, are shown at the top of Page 1.)
The WESMAR trawl sleds offer trawlers unprecedented information. With the newest  options being a selection of frequencies that best fit their fishery and net size. .
The new WESMAR HD860 solves the tough challenge of seeing fish close to the surface and close to the bottom. New stabilization technology stays on the fish even in rough seas.
The ability to scan forward and then across the bottom is ideal for mid-water and bottom trawling, so this has been a popular system in Alaska as well.
When the seas get rough WESMAR’S electronic beam stabilization technology is constantly correcting for pitch and roll wherever the beam is scanning.  Gyro-electrically stabilizing the entire array allows the array to stay focused as the vessel or platform is moving.  
A digital link between the sonar electronics (near the transducer) and the computer console in the wheelhouse operate noise free for maximum sonar performance.


Dave Wilmore, Captain of the 103-foot F/V Muir Milach, of  the Aleutian Spray Fisheries Fleet (Seattle), receives some last minute pointers about WESMAR’s new 85 kHz HD860 sonar, from WESMAR VP Dennis Soderberg, prior to leaving for the Alaska Pollock and Cod seasons. The Muir Milach also has a WESMAR Trawl system on board as do other Aleutian Spray vessels.

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