In 2012 the San Francisco Fire Department called WESMAR and asked us to contact Jensen Maritime Consultants of Seattle, the company selected to design the new Fire Boat for their Department. This month that thruster was delivered to the boat builder to be installed on the Department’s 88-foot ‘super pumper’ under construction.

“WESMAR bow thrusters are preferred equipment in the fire boat industry,” said Bob Sentz, WESMAR Vice President.

“We have supplied dozens of U.S. fireboats with bow thrusters. Most notably the twin 137-foot, 500-ton New York fire boats ‘Three-Fifty-Three’ and ‘Fire Fighter Two;’ the 79-foot Boston fire boat ‘American United; and the 65-foot ‘City of Portland,’ Maine fire boat said Sentz.


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We received the following testimonial from Steve Hinchcliff, owner of the beautiful Hatteras 64-motoryacht Panacea (above), with high praise for WESMAR Dealer Joe LaFauci, Cable Marine West of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and WESMAR Stabilizers. Hinchcliff is a businessman (President and CEO of H&H Chevrolet/KIA in Omaha, Nebraska). He recognized good products and good customer service and then took the time to send this note to Joe LaFauci.

I’m writing to say ‘thank you’ for the great job you and your team did for us on PANACEA. As you know, our two trips to the Exumas this winter, proved that we MUST have stabilizers on our 64-foot Hatteras.
After you telling me about WESMAR and after my research, I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the end result. Having installed the three term controller, I was more than pleased in my first open water test last week. I actually hunted for big wakes and took them in as many ways as I could.
My biggest joy was taking a tanker wake exactly broadside (cross-wake). With the WESMAR’s on, it felt like flat water.”
From your technical advice to Mike’s excellent techs to the quality of the WESMARs, I’m a very happy boater.”

—Steve Hinchcliff

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“We made our first island trip (with the new WESMAR RS600 Roll Fin Stabilizers) last weekend …and we had the chance to test them at both ends of the spectrum with respect to conditions. Crossing the channel to Santa Cruz Island we had no wind but a three-to- four foot beam swell with a longer period that normally would have produced just an uncomfortable roll. The boat was flat as if on a lake."

-Scott Gordon, owner of a 52-foot Cheoy Lee Motorsailer

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Maneuvering and steering a research vessel in the Bosporus Straits, the Sea of Marmara, along the west coast of Turkey and in the south Mediterranean Sea between Turkey and Cyprus calls for a powerful, quick-to-respond bow thruster. That is what brought Derinsu Underwater Engineering Company of Turkey to WESMAR dealer Ezberci Marine of Tuzla, Istanbul.

Ezberci knew the powerful and rugged, all stainless steel design of the dual prop, counter rotating WESMAR bow thruster would give the company's 60-foot research boat the best control available during its critical deep water research for patrol, gas, electric pipe and cable line installations.

The WESMAR system has been in service for 18 months and boat management reports the WESMAR is 'doing its job.'
Mr. Kemal Ozyurt, ocean/underwater engineer for the company, says the WESMAR thruster "has exceeded my expectations and I am very thankful to WESMAR and Fikret Ezberci."

Ezberci Marine installed the WESMAR thruster and an electro-hydraulic power pack, to accommodate the vessel's limited space and limited power sources caused by the extensive research equipment on board. Mr. Ozyurt said that the thruster is "in continuous use primarily for sideways movement during search operations."

Fikret Ezberci says they are particularly pleased with the thruster's continuous operation capability and its quick response.

Michael Vourtsis, WESMAR's International Sales Manager for the Mechanical Division says "WESMAR thrusters are on work boats around the world where they are called upon for critical maneuvering, holding tight to position, avoiding gear and underwater lines in all types of weather conditions.”

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Whether replenishing fish stocks in the US Great Lakes or routing underwater cable in the Mediterranean, WESMAR thrusters are on important assignments around the world.

Work boats around the world and the shipyards that build and maintain them have for years selected the powerful and rugged, all stainless steel, dual prop counter-rotating bow thrusters, designed and built by WESMAR.

The 95-foot Research Vessel SPENCER F. BAIRD, in service since 2006, is no exception. The US Fish and Wildlife Service selected a WESMAR V2-34 hydraulic bow thruster during a recent overhaul.

The SPENCER F. BAIRD is a research vessel on an important mission: to stock fish and conduct population assessments on Lakes Huron and
Michigan. The work is part of a four-decade effort by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to restore depleted lake trout populations in the US Great Lakes.

After five years of demanding service the vessel recently underwent an overhaul that included complete exterior repainting, the WESMAR bow thruster installation, its five-year survey, and other miscellaneous maintenance. The contract was awarded to Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland, Ohio, a highly respected, full service yard, that recently underwent an expansion and overhaul itself. The result is quite impressive.

Among the shipyard's capabilities are its new vessel and barge construction, fabrication, maintenance and repairs in a very modern facility that includes a 770-ton mobile Travelift and a 300-ton floating drydock. The facility includes several thousands more feet in two locations on the nearby Cuyahoga River. The R/V SPENCER F. BAIRD project has now been completed and the vessel is back with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The vessel’s Captain David L. Bohn reported he had not had much of a chance to use the new WESMAR thruster due to winter layup until April 1 (depending on the weather) but that his first impression is that the WESMAR Thruster seems to be in line with their expectations.

“I normally use the thruster for docking and maneuvering in tight places but we do have it available and standing by when we are working nets, should the need arise. I am looking forward to giving it a good trial this season," said Captain Bohn.

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Among the dozens of excursion and dinner cruise vessels around the world that use WESMAR’s commercial bow thrusters are these three highly popular ones. The Circle Line Manhattan, New York; Endless Dreams, Newport Beach, California; and California Spirit, San Diego, California.  Each is a US Coast Guard subchapter K class, and each offers its own unique capability and sophistication. These three were designed by the Naval Architectural Firm of DeJong and Lebet, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida.

Providing the best view of the world’s most famous skyline, is the Circle Line Manhattan, a 165-foot sightseeing  vessel with a WESMAR V2-24 150 HP electric bow thruster. Certified under subchapter K for 600 passengers plus 100 crew, she takes sightseers on 2-and 3-hour tours daily. The WESMAR thruster adds efficiency and safety when loading and off loading.  Passengers circumnavigate Manhattan Island viewing  3 rivers, 7 major bridges, 5 boroughs, over 25 world renowned landmarks and, of course, a magnificent close-up of the Statue of Liberty.

Endless Dreams is a 140-foot dinner Cruise Yacht, operating on the US West Coast  She is a combination of spacious elegance and graceful lines.   The three–deck vessel features a large full length dining room, a ballroom for weddings , dancing, cocktails or dining, and a third deck which is an open passenger deck with pilot house forward. For seated meals she accommodates 350 guests; buffet meals and cocktails, 450 guests.  She operates out of Newport California and her  100-HP WESMAR electric dual prop bow thruster ensures comfortable and efficient docking and on and off-loading. 

California Spirit  exemplifies the beauty and fun of one of the nation’s most enchanting harbors. The 160-foot-long Dinner Cruise Vessels plies San Diego Harbor hosting special events such as weddings, family reunions, corporate cruises, and dinners. Her seating capacity is 220 on the main deck and 100 on the second deck with an unobstructed 360-degree view from every level. She is operated by the San Diego Harbor and while the lines and outward appearance are that of a large private megayacht, the interior includes two large dining rooms capable of seating 450 passengers. Food service is provided by the spacious 900 sq. foot galley. She is  equipped with a WESMAR V2-24 150 HP electrically driven bow thruster.

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Blount Boats of Warren, Rhode Island, put the final touches on the 399-passenger ferry WABANAKI before delivering her to Casco Bay Lines of Portland Maine in January.  The new ferry joins a fleet of ferries that depart from the terminal on Portland’s waterfront, providing year-round transport to  nearby island residents and tourists.
On the delivery crew was Bob Pelletier, Vice President of Blount Boats and a long-time WESMAR customer. Also on board the 105-foot passenger ferry is a WESMAR 50 HP AC dual prop all stainless steel bow thruster, popular with ferries around the world (see Page 3). Pelletier says: “The WESMAR bow thruster works great, perfect. I was impressed a 50 HP bow thruster could move a 220-ton boat with such ease.”
Mr. Pelletier’s comments on Page 1 are typical of the many endorsements of WESMAR thrusters on board passenger and car Ferries from around the world. WESMAR thrusters are used for maneuvering in crowded waters and for more timely off and on-loading during tight schedules.
Among them are two passenger/car Ferries, ISLA BONITO (below) with a power package that includes a WESMAR V2 -34 inch bow thruster at 250 HP and WESMAR’s central hydraulics package, and the 160-foot CAYO BLANCO a 600-passenger ferry with a WESMAR V2-24 200 HP system and WESMAR central hydraulics package.

These two modern ferries were built for Puerto Rico by Conrad Industries in Louisiana, and the WESMAR Bow Thrusters  were supplied by WESMAR Dealer Donovan Marine of Harahan, Louisiana, a boat yard that designs, builds and overhauls all kinds of work boats.
The passenger ferry CAYO BLANCO, runs from Fajardo to Vieques and Culebra in Puerto Rico. WESMAR thrusters aboard these ferries allow not only for enhanced maneuvering, they aid in the safe on and off loading of passengers and enhance efficiencies by keeping on schedule during high windage.
A WESMAR V2-24, 150 HP AC system  is part of a project upgrade for the T-Class Passenger Ferry M/V TACHEK (below) that currently operates for the Canadian ferry company, BC Ferries. The upgrade to TACHEK, built in 1969, is estimated to extend its operating life by 14 years plus save over $100,000 in fuel each year.
The 187-foot M/V Queenscliff, is a double ended roll-on/roll-off ferry that operates between the Australian towns of Queenscliff and Sorrento. Two WESMAR V2-28 185 HP Stainless Steel Counter Rotating Dual Prop Bow Thrusters are on board this vessel, which carries  approximately 80 vehicles and 700 passengers.
Additional ferry installations include two other 41 meter ROPAX catamaran ferries being built in South Vietnam by Strategic Marine. These will have four V2-20 100 HP thrusters with hydraulics packages.

The 67 foot T-Class passenger ferry MARY MUSGROVE (below) in Savannah Georgia carries up to 150 passengers.

On board to aid in docking and positioning is a powerful, all stainless steel WESMAR V2-18 dual prop, counter rotating bow thruster and custom hydraulics. The Ferry built by Custom Steel Boats of Merrit, Georgia was designed by Jacksonville Naval architectural firm  DeJong and Lebet.

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