That Powerful WESMAR Thruster threw the bow around like nobody’s business

After 35 years in the marine business servicing and repairing, installing and piloting both power and sailing vessels, Tom Holland, owner of Holland Marine Boatyard still gets excited when he sees a great product.

His boatyard recently installed a powerful WESMAR V2-12 hydraulic, dual prop, counter-rotating, stainless steel bow thruster on a beautiful custom aluminum 65-foot motor yacht and he was impressed.

“This latest and greatest WESMAR with stainless steel housing and saddle threw the bow around like nobody’s business…from a machining standpoint, the thruster is superior. WESMAR has gone out of their way to eliminate the
corrosion factor."

“This was my first WESMAR thruster installation, and this particular installation required the replacement of a neglected, corroded thruster. The last thing the owner wanted was something that would corrode. The WESMAR housing was extremely impressive. Instead of the typical composite or aluminum thruster, it was all stainless steel, which eliminated the owner’s and our concern about corrosion,” said Holland.

“We worked with Bob Leatherman, WESMAR’s factory representative out of Florida. He was fantastic throughout the
whole process; providing us a good channel of communication between him, us and the factory if we needed to speak with them directly. Everything came together beyond our anticipation.”

Tom Holland has a long history of working with high-performance boats and equipment. He has traveled thousands of blue water miles as an owner, captain and professional crewman on cruisers and racing yachts. His experience and
commitment to safety and comfort at sea help to drive his passion for the proper overhaul, maintenance and repair
of boats. High quality equipment is extremely important to him.

He surrounds himself with experienced riggers, painters, shipwrights, fiberglass repair professionals, welders and business office staff, who all share his commitment to high quality work. Recognition by such groups as the American Boat and Yacht Council, US Sailing, the North Florida Cruising Club and the Rudder Club are testimony to
his reputation within the boating community.