Powerful WESMAR Thrusters in Continuous Use on Turkish Research Vessel

Maneuvering and steering a research vessel in the Bosporus Straits, the Sea of Marmara, along the west coast of Turkey and in the south Mediterranean Sea between Turkey and Cyprus calls for a powerful, quick-to-respond bow thruster. That is what brought Derinsu Underwater Engineering Company of Turkey to WESMAR dealer Ezberci Marine of Tuzla, Istanbul.

Ezberci knew the powerful and rugged, all stainless steel design of the dual prop, counter rotating WESMAR bow thruster would give the company's 60-foot research boat the best control available during its critical deep water research for patrol, gas, electric pipe and cable line installations.

The WESMAR system has been in service for 18 months and boat management reports the WESMAR is 'doing its job.'
Mr. Kemal Ozyurt, ocean/underwater engineer for the company, says the WESMAR thruster "has exceeded my expectations and I am very thankful to WESMAR and Fikret Ezberci."

Ezberci Marine installed the WESMAR thruster and an electro-hydraulic power pack, to accommodate the vessel's limited space and limited power sources caused by the extensive research equipment on board. Mr. Ozyurt said that the thruster is "in continuous use primarily for sideways movement during search operations."

Fikret Ezberci says they are particularly pleased with the thruster's continuous operation capability and its quick response.

Michael Vourtsis, WESMAR's International Sales Manager for the Mechanical Division says "WESMAR thrusters are on work boats around the world where they are called upon for critical maneuvering, holding tight to position, avoiding gear and underwater lines in all types of weather conditions.”

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