Another Passenger Ferry with a WESMAR Commercial Thruster On Board

Blount Boats of Warren, Rhode Island, put the final touches on the 399-passenger ferry WABANAKI before delivering her to Casco Bay Lines of Portland Maine in January.  The new ferry joins a fleet of ferries that depart from the terminal on Portland’s waterfront, providing year-round transport to  nearby island residents and tourists.
On the delivery crew was Bob Pelletier, Vice President of Blount Boats and a long-time WESMAR customer. Also on board the 105-foot passenger ferry is a WESMAR 50 HP AC dual prop all stainless steel bow thruster, popular with ferries around the world (see Page 3). Pelletier says: “The WESMAR bow thruster works great, perfect. I was impressed a 50 HP bow thruster could move a 220-ton boat with such ease.”
Mr. Pelletier’s comments on Page 1 are typical of the many endorsements of WESMAR thrusters on board passenger and car Ferries from around the world. WESMAR thrusters are used for maneuvering in crowded waters and for more timely off and on-loading during tight schedules.
Among them are two passenger/car Ferries, ISLA BONITO (below) with a power package that includes a WESMAR V2 -34 inch bow thruster at 250 HP and WESMAR’s central hydraulics package, and the 160-foot CAYO BLANCO a 600-passenger ferry with a WESMAR V2-24 200 HP system and WESMAR central hydraulics package.

These two modern ferries were built for Puerto Rico by Conrad Industries in Louisiana, and the WESMAR Bow Thrusters  were supplied by WESMAR Dealer Donovan Marine of Harahan, Louisiana, a boat yard that designs, builds and overhauls all kinds of work boats.
The passenger ferry CAYO BLANCO, runs from Fajardo to Vieques and Culebra in Puerto Rico. WESMAR thrusters aboard these ferries allow not only for enhanced maneuvering, they aid in the safe on and off loading of passengers and enhance efficiencies by keeping on schedule during high windage.
A WESMAR V2-24, 150 HP AC system  is part of a project upgrade for the T-Class Passenger Ferry M/V TACHEK (below) that currently operates for the Canadian ferry company, BC Ferries. The upgrade to TACHEK, built in 1969, is estimated to extend its operating life by 14 years plus save over $100,000 in fuel each year.
The 187-foot M/V Queenscliff, is a double ended roll-on/roll-off ferry that operates between the Australian towns of Queenscliff and Sorrento. Two WESMAR V2-28 185 HP Stainless Steel Counter Rotating Dual Prop Bow Thrusters are on board this vessel, which carries  approximately 80 vehicles and 700 passengers.
Additional ferry installations include two other 41 meter ROPAX catamaran ferries being built in South Vietnam by Strategic Marine. These will have four V2-20 100 HP thrusters with hydraulics packages.

The 67 foot T-Class passenger ferry MARY MUSGROVE (below) in Savannah Georgia carries up to 150 passengers.

On board to aid in docking and positioning is a powerful, all stainless steel WESMAR V2-18 dual prop, counter rotating bow thruster and custom hydraulics. The Ferry built by Custom Steel Boats of Merrit, Georgia was designed by Jacksonville Naval architectural firm  DeJong and Lebet.

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