We call our WESMAR Stabilizers 'Marriage Savers'

Woodinville, WA - 10 August 2017 - Jerry and Jenni Nelson, owners of the beautiful custom 43-foot 2009 Selene, ‘FOREVER YOUNG’ are ardent boaters and sport fishers, and fans of WESMAR. They have three WESMAR systems on board their boat, including an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) get-home system, roll fin stabilizers, and bow and stern thrusters. Captain Nelson gives powerful reports about all of them.

“We keep our stabilizers on all the time, and we call them marriage savers!” said Captain Nelson.

"We ordered WESMAR stabilizers after the Selene Rendezvous in 2008 before we had even taken delivery of our new boat.  That year there was harsh weather the day of arrival and as boats arrived we soon observed there were two camps of boaters…those with stabilizers and those without. Those with were apt to say ‘it was rough weather;' those without said ‘OMG that was rough!’ ”

“Jenni, who does not enjoy rough-weather cruising, said we really need to add them, and she sure appreciates having them. The first thing we do when cruising is turn on our stabilizers even if the weather is not rough. We like them on all the time because then there are no surprises from beam seas or from the wake of ferries or other large boats."

The WESMAR AUXILIARY POWER UNIT (APU) Saves Us from Severe Damage ...

“Last year when we were leaving our anchorage, my fuel pump went out, and it kept us off the rocks. It was a touchy situation. Heavy currents were carrying us rapidly toward the rocks; Jenni even had our push pole out hoping to ward off disaster, but we knew it was no protection against the 72,000 pound boat fighting her. We were within 20 feet of crashing into the rocks when I turned on the APU and the boat started moving away from the shore -- it saved us.”

“I actually use my WESMAR APU mostly for trolling. It is how I control my boat during fishing and I use it all the time. This past year we spent 5 months in SE Alaska and British Columbia, Canada, fishing for halibut and salmon. It was a good year. In Alaska, we caught 500 pounds of halibut, including a 205-pound halibut. Most of our salmon was caught on our way home in northern B.C.”

 “Once we get out to the area we plan to fish, I shut down the Main engine, start up my generator, and using the APU I adjust the proportional speed joy stick to keep me at 1.5 to 2 knots, but we found it will operate at 4.5 knots if needed.It replaces the use of a trolling valve, which most boaters install to achieve the lower speeds required for trolling. We upgraded our generator to a 12 kw one to accommodate the power required to operate the APU’s Hydraulics." 

We use the WESMAR bow and stern thrusters for docking and maneuvering! They make everything so much easier.