WESMAR Dome Extension Kits

Improve Performance of Lead Screw Hoists by Extending them Deeper

Performance of sonar and other acoustic instruments protruding from the bottom of vessels is affected by a number of factors.

The fore and aft port and starboard trim of the vessel may partially block the acoustic beam reducing performance.

A flow of aerated water under the bow with the thickness depending upon sea state is a normal phenomenon that can impede acoustic performance.

Other impediments to acoustic performance, hull shape, water intakes, keel coolers, aerated water, machinery noise and hull vibrations can render expensive acoustic equipment nearly useless.

Add 12 inches to the normal travel length of your WESMAR lead screw hoist with WESMAR’s new extension kit for the 6 and 8 inch lead screw hoist system. The kit allows the extension of 12 inches farther into the water of the normal lead screw hoists, adding another 12 inches to the distance it will travel below the noise and turbulence of the boat.

Included in the kit are a 12-24 VDC motor, a stainless steel soundome tube extension, a 12-inch lead screw extension, a new wiring harness and hoist control panel, which bypasses the hoist control on the sonar console.

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