WESMAR DSP5000 Wave-Smart Stabilizer

(NEW • DSP5000 Series - Wave Smart)
Introducing WESMAR’s New Wave Smart.

Captains Report Smooth, Quiet Comfort Underway and At-Anchor!

WESMAR’s DSP5000 Wave-Smart’s predictive technology, uses actual vessel motion to determine exact response of the vessel. It brings faster response, smoother stops, ease of installation, and replaces chasing and wasted energy and noise.

New Integrated Processor Creates Smooth, Quiet Comfort Underway and At-Anchor

Digital electronics will never stand still. Every year, more powerful and versatile processors with complex algorithms are developed to put control in the hands of the end user. With this control comes greater power. WESMAR’s engineers are constantly adding to the features of its products and the DSP5000 Wave Smart Stabilizer series is a giant step forward for digital roll fin stabilizer systems.

The new DSP500 uses a new integrated processor that combines the key elements of interfacing fin position, velocity and acceleration with the characteristics of the vessel. Add WESMAR’s legendary rugged and reliable, neutrally buoyant hydrodynamic fins and a whole new level of comfort and control is created.

This new stabilization offers maximum comfort and peace of mind in any type of condition including Under Way and At-Anchor.

How important is this new invention? “Very,” says WESMAR because it advances even further the ability by yachters to ensure smooth, consistent and quiet comfort underway or At-Anchor. The new DSP5000 improves the use of position, velocity and acceleration to ensure an exceptionally consistent, smooth and quiet motion. It does this while offering the users easy, seamless interfaces with today’s advanced technologies, such as integration with GPS, CANBUS, alarm suites, and more.

What’s New & Different About the DSP5000 Wave Smart?

  • Smoother ride.
  • Less Noise.
  • Advanced Display with Comfortable User Interface.
  • Programmable and Expandable with an easy-to-use settings menu.
  • Graphic display of fin reaction to roll can be monitored by the end user.
  • Ability to add custom display screens.
  • Completely digital - MP Control for fin position.
  • WESMAR’s Wave-Smart® control system provides rapid response and control of the hydraulic system providing highly accurate fin position.
  • Control provides quiet and precise stabilization in all sea states and speeds.


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