Product Catalog

WESMAR’s unique new APU ‘Get Home’ Auxiliary Propulsion System has created tremendous excitement. Some of the enthusiasm is due to the fuel it saves and the speed at which it performs. The unique auxiliary drive system uses hydraulic power from the ship’s generator to drive the propeller shaft, should an engine failure occur.

WESMAR’s commercial line of robust counter-rotating dual propeller thrusters sets a high standard in the commercial bow thruster industry by bringing more power, less noise and less vibration than competitive units.

The use of counter-rotating dual propellers splits the power between two gear sets thus yielding a very high propeller efficiency. The aft propeller recovers the swirl energy left behind by the forward propeller creating greater power and more thrust.

WESMAR Pro Thrusters feature extremely efficient electric motors, which eliminate the possibility of early thermal shutdown. A fully proportional control for safe and gentle docking; or full power if the conditions dictate and durable stainless steel gearbox and propellers which are resistant to electrolysis.

Performance of sonar and other acoustic instruments protruding from the bottom of vessels is affected by a number of factors. The fore and aft port and starboard trim of the vessel may partially block the acoustic beam reducing performance.

A flow of aerated water under the bow with the thickness depending upon sea state is a normal phenomenon that can impede acoustic performance.

Central Hydraulics…a powerful and reliable solution to hydraulic operation and control.

Navigation, Mine Avoidance, and Underwater Security

WESMAR MS3850 Multifunctional hull-mounted sonar solves the tough challenge of seeing targets close to the surface and close to the bottom in shallow water.

Wave-Smart® technology from WESMAR affords simple operation that cannot be surpassed.

Reliable, dependable roll fin stabilizers from WESMAR provide cruising comfort and peace of mind.

The reliable and sturdy WESMAR CS20 Catch Sensors measure the fill rate of the trawl, alerting you when the codend is full. These lightweight, high-frequency sensors are factory programmed to operate with any WESMAR trawl sonar or with other trawl sonar.

The HD860 solves the tough challenge of seeing fish close to the surface AND close to the bottom. New active stabilization ensures you will stay on the fish even in rough seas thanks to a precision electronic gyro mounted on the sonar transducer that constantly corrects the beam for pitch and roll wherever the beam is scanning.  Not only does it unwrap the water ahead of the boat, the HD860 sonar is filled with features the commercial fishing world has requested!