Bay Islander Fisheries out of Newport, Oregon, has long used WESMAR equipment. This family-owned business is run by Kurt Cochran, who started fishing with his father at a very young age and by 18 was already a Captain. We asked “why WESMAR?” Cochran answered: “WESMAR helps us catch fish.”

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“The WESMAR Trawl makes a huge difference.  We use it at 230 fathoms and the picture is much clearer than our previous trawl sonar, which operated at just 175 fathoms. The WESMAR, with the third wire, has removed all the beam bending caused by thermo clines in saltwater and other interference we dealt with before”

-David Jincks, owner of the 85 foot Blue Fox

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"The sonar helps me see what and how changes are made to the net so I'm not fishing blind. I can even identify specie based on characteristics of the schools. This helps not to under- or over-fill the nets."

"In split screen mode I have two pieces of information all the time. The guys with other systems only see one screen at a time."

"The WESMAR Trawl saves time, you know where you are all the time so it makes me more efficient. I’m not fishing blind which means more money and saves fuel."

-Capt Steve Mallinson, F/V Bay Islander

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