Albacore Fleet Likes the Electronically Stabilized Beam of the HD860 Sonar

“The electronically stabilized soundome removes the effect of boat motion on the sonar beam, so you don’t lose sight of the water column due to cavitation or bubbles.” 
Dueber, had the WESMAR HD860-160 sonar with 8” soundome installed on his 52-foot fiberglass Sea Master the FV RAVEN DANCER. "It definitely gives me an edge. I’m able to see the fish more of the time; I don’t lose sight of the water column when the weather gets rough.”

“We fish the entire West Coast during the July to October Albacore season. We also fish the Washington State Dungeness crab season during the winter.  Although we did not anticipate using the sonar on crab my Captain for that fishery uses it. He tilts the angle down to get an extra view of the bottom and it’s pretty accurate."


-George Deuber, owner of Deuber Pacific Fisheries


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